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Switch On Mentorship

The coaching program that helps you design your life so you can thrive while sharing your gifts and creating massive impact.

Switch On Mentorship is a 6 week program that will coach you on how to design your life, and upgrade your beliefs, mindset, and habits. You will go inwards to define and refine, so the skills, talents, and gifts that you already have can be amplified in order to make the impact in the world that they are meant to make. We designed this program with the core belief that the best way to predict the future is to actively create it.

So what makes us different from ALL of the other online coaching and leadership programs out there? Well in addition to the fact that you have access to high-level content, the best part of this program is the people.

Switch On Mentorship brings amazing humans together, who are already doing amazing things so everyone can help each other achieve each other’s dreams and impact lives. The mentors, teachers, and coaches featured in this program have brilliant minds, diverse perspectives, and generous hearts. You’ll get to learn from their successes AND struggles, and be able to ask them questions in our live sessions. Together, we truly want to support your dreams, keep you accountable to your goals, and cheer you on as you grow in every aspect of your life and business.

At the heart of it all, and core to our mission is the power of community in one’s growth and transformation. Infact, we have a whole section on it! Over the past couple of years of running this program, people have written in to say they felt a sense of belonging and connection with the other like-minded bright lights that are taking the program with them. You are guaranteed to meet and learn from a private community of future next level friends, who will be walking the path alongside you on your journey to achieving greatness in your business, greatness in your mission, and greatness in your lives on every level.

Enroll in Switch on Mentorship today so you can upgrade your mindset and beliefs, think bigger, manifest your dreams, upgrade your quality of life, and expand your influence.

During this session, you will experience:

LIVE classes hosted by our coaches and experts across various subject matter.

Bonding with like-minded purpose-driven bright lights who will support you in your mission.

Access to worksheets and materials to help you implement what we teach.

Access to discount for Switch On Academy programs throughout the year

You will learn the following:


Understanding and Aligning with your WHY/Going Inwards

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs/How to build Confidence/Self-trust

Creating a Vision for your Health and Wellness/ Managing your Energy

your Voice

How to Increase your Productivity Sustainably/ Prioritizing your Purpose

How to set and crush your goals (in the context of your overall mission)

Intentional Relationships and Community Building

Hear from Switch On Mentees

Investment (Early Bird)


Cohort 1

February 27th - April 10th 2022