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This is a mission designed to help you take decisive action to get your best self and best work out into the world.
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How Switch On Works


We want our participants to acquire knowledge for application, and not just for learning sake. All our speakers share applications for real life situations. We want you to take daily steps to becoming the best version of you.


At Switch On Academy, we believe in the power of building connections and networks that add value to your life. Our programs include elements that help connect you to others, and work in teams to create impact.


We believe that every person was created to solve an existing problem in this world. Our programs push you to lead with sacrifice and service, even as you make a positive impact in this world. We help you discover, accept, and use your gifts in such a way that you DO great work, while BE-ing. Thus learning more about yourself in the process.

What Participants Say

About Switch On Academy

Switch On Academy is for doers and changemakers who want to use their gifts to create a business, service, or platform that matters. Our programs are action oriented, purpose-driven, and transformative.

If one or more of the following is you, then Switch On! Academy might be your next home:

✓ You’re an aspiring or established entrepreneur, coach, practitioner, creator, artist, designer, free-lancer, or small business owner.

✓ You are juggling a full time job, business, or navigating big life events – we love multipotentialites!

✓ You identify as a self-starter.

✓ You feel called to serve, contribute, and give at a higher level.

✓ You’re loving, kind, respectful, while at the same time ambitious and committed to massive growth and expansion.

✓ You are willing to do the work and not take shortcuts!

✓ You don’t see money as a sole metric of success but rather as a tool that fuels your bigger mission.

Find Out Which Program is Right for You

A business value-creation program for creatives. You will learn how to identify, define, create value, and how to monetize your gifts and talents. Our mission is to empower creatives with a mindset and tool kit to establish successful, sustainable, and fulfilling businesses.
A group coaching program for entrepreneurs, coaches, business owners, who want to BE all that they need in order to effectively DO their life’s work.

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